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InfinityThe infinity symbol represents our continuum of care, a constant and ongoing process that intertwines with the natural cycle of life; a cycling and recycling of substance and experience; providing comfort and care through the process which occurs at the end of life…


HeartThe heart represents our hospice workers ever present to offer heartfelt comfort and support to our patients and the families who love them…



ButterflyThe butterfly -- the overall symbol represents the transformation of the spirit, the completion of the life cycle, finally free to take flight!  Just like the butterfly, we will all leave someday, letting go of our earthly ties and being born anew.


The contemporary illustration of the butterfly, a time honored symbol of the transformation of the soul. The life cycle of the butterfly reminds us of the work we do on this earth, the  preparation we undergo when leaving, and the glorious experience of taking flight.

Each moment of our life is an opportunity for creative expression and renewed faith that every ending is really a new beginning.

Our Mission Statement


Infinity Hospice Care exists to provide dignified and compassionate care to persons and their families who are experiencing a life-limiting illness.

Infinity Hospice Foundation

The Infinity Hospice Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing education to Physicians, caregivers and family members of the terminally ill regarding hospice and palliative care.



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Infinity Hospice Care enhances the quality of a patient’s life


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